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Promote your business online with social media marketing

With the world of marketing and technology in a constant state of evolution, social media marketing has become more important than ever. That’s where The Social Media Room comes in!

Put simply, social media puts your business in touch with the world. With nearly every home in NZ now having access to the internet , the potential to raise brand awareness through sites like Facebook is huge. Recent updates to Google algorithms also mean that social media signals have a direct impact on your overall search engine ranking positions.

More importantly, social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest allow your customers to interact with your brand and instantly comment and share your products, news, special offers and recommendations amongst their friends. Fans and followers of your brand pages will Like, Share, retweet and re-pin helping your brand to travel virally rather than just your direct email database or registered website users.

Social media is all about viral content, rapid change and interaction so it requires constant maintenance in order to produce results. But used correctly, it can be a very cost-effective platform for your business, providing valuable advertising opportunities as well as customer research and feedback.

Want some help with your Social Media campaign? That’s what we’re here for.


Which social platforms should I use?

We recommend using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and a blogging platform as a minimum, and strongly advise taking advantage of the other free sites LinkedIn, Google+ , and YouTube . There are over 300 social platforms available and it can be easy to get distracted. Focus your time and money on the ones which work best for your business. If you’re not sure which social media platforms will work well with your brand, our Social Media team will identify missed opportunities and wasted resources to streamline your social presence. We can provide services for all, or just one or two. Contact us for a quote, to find out more today!



Here’s the top Social media platforms:


With Facebook memberships nearing 1 billion, it’s undoubtedly the Internets number one social media platform. Thanks to features like applications, photo galleries, timelines, banners and news feeds, Facebook pages are a great way to share a variety of content with your customer base. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to market your business effectively talk to us about how we can launch and manage your Facebook profile.


Twitter is the second most highly rated social platform on the internet and is one of the most effective marketing platforms currently available. With just 140 characters this micro-blogging site allows you to connect with an active and relevant audience to launch viral content, advertise, spread information, add links and interact with your customers to receive valuable feedback. Just ask us how we can brand, launch and manage your Twitter presence.




Pinterest is the third fastest growing social media platform on the Internet. This easy to use free platform is visually based, and is a great way to promote your products or services via photos, and direct traffic back to your website. Find out how one customer achieved 4000 followers in 4 months and doubled their website traffic! Get pinning! Talk to us about Pinterest today!


Google+ is a versatile social media platform that allows you to target specific customer groups by sharing selected content with each. Share breaking news, updates, promotions, links, videos or photos. Other features like Google Local can also be a very effective way of marketing and sharing your services, even boosting your Google ranking – talk to us about how Google+ could benefit your business.



LinkedIn is an essential B to B networking platform for every individual and business. Much like an online CV, LinkedIn allows you to connect with business partners, colleagues and potential clients by sharing, networking and testimonials. This platform is ideal for business prospecting. Ask us how we can help you create an effective LinkedIn profile.


Over 800 million unique users visit Youtube every month. You tube says that on average there are more than 400 tweets per minute containing a YouTube link! Internet videos provide a higher level of customer interaction by allowing customers to discover, watch and share video content. Talk to us about how video marketing could work for you.
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